Sunday January 26th: Winter Carnival Sleigh and Cutter Festival 11:30-2:30.  Call John Block if you haven’t received an invitation: 651-433-5312, you must register to bring a horse.  If you just want to watch the fun the address is: 2600 Double Eagle Lane, Woodbury, MN.

Sunday February 9:  Paul Olson invites EVERYONE to his Valentine Sleigh Party on Sunday February 9… come when you can but lunch will be at 2:30ish depending on conditions.  Paul says that right now its way to wet to do anything but some snowmobiles are scheduled to firm things up in the woods this weekend. 

CANCELLED - Weekend May 8-10 St. Croix State Park Drive on Mother’s Day May 8,9,10.  May have both a Saturday and Sunday Potluck.    CANCELLED - 

CANCELLED - Weekend June 5-7 Crow Hassan Drive June 5,6 & 7 Riverbend Campground is reserved for us.  Potluck will be on the 6th.  CANCELLED - 

Weekend July 10-12  Marci and Bob’s Drum Creek Drive  July 10,11,1

Sunday August 16 - Paul’s Sweetcorn Social Drive 

Wednesday September 2 - Meeting 7PM

Sunday October 4 - Jerry’s Crex Meadows Social Drive 

Wednesday October 7 - Meeting 7PM

Wednesday November 4 - Meeting 7PM

Friday December 4 - Christmas Party 6:30PM