April 6 Program 7PM Scandia Town Hall - All things Bits.

Post date: Mar 30, 2011 10:26:15 PM

Bits and Bitting (No we are not going to talk about computers.)

Presented by Ginny Pomije

Big Black Horse

Ginny is a rider and a driver, and she and her husband, Jeff,  operate Big Black Horse a supplier of driving equipment. They go to many driving events, and Ginny gets to talk to drivers regularly. She is going to share some of her knowledge with us!  I am sure this program will be very interactive!

If you are interested educating yourself about how driving bits work, and what bit is right for what application (so you don’t amass a collection as big as mine) then come join us for this informative program.   

 You will have the opportunity to ask questions, get answers, and express your opinion!   Hopefully this session will assist those of use who haven't found that illusive "perfect bit".  

 The public is invited to attend this informative program sponsored by St. Croix Horse and Carriage Society.  Bring a friend!

If you aren’t a member, we’ll appreciate it if you drop us a line from the contact us page so we’ll know to bake a few more cookies. 


From our newsletter:


By Cherrie Rose

Have you ever found yourself standing in a store looking at a wall filled with 100’s of bits and wondering, “How do I chose the right one?”  I think most of us have been in this situationand probably more than once. I know I have a plethora of unused bits in my tack area and I’m sure I am not alone.

To help take the mystery out of bits, Ginny Pomije of Big Black Horse will be doing a presentation at our next program on April 6th from 7 to 8 at the Scandia Community Center.  I had the pleasure of listening to Ginny’s presentation on bits at Equifest 2010. Ginny took the mystery out of selecting the right bit.  Do yourself and your horse a huge favor and start the spring out with the correct bit for your horse. You will both be happier for it. 

Goodie break and then meeting at 8:30.